My Holistic Helper - After Surgery Recovery
My Holistic Helper - After Surgery Recovery
My Holistic Helper - After Surgery Recovery
My Holistic Helper - After Surgery Recovery
My Holistic Helper - After Surgery Recovery
My Holistic Helper - After Surgery Recovery

My Holistic Helper - After Surgery Recovery

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Put in your pocket, or purse. Place next to your computer, on your desk.  Helpers go perfect in your backpack or briefcase. Our My Holistic Helpers are just the thing!

Rub them, bend them, twist them. Let the stones take your stress, doubts, and fears. Allow the stones to share their unique energies with you. When you need, roll in your fingers, twirl, fidget, and spin.

Commonly believed holistic properties:

These stones were carefully chosen by a Certified Reiki Practitioner to holistically help your self-confidence, esteem, to ward and protect, assist with depression, self-doubt, and boost self-worth and empowerment.

My Holistic After Surgery Helper description:

Hematite- Faceted Silver - 4x2mm - Strength of body, blood pressure control, Improves resistance to stress.

Rose Quartz-  Twisted Cube - 8x14mm- Healing, nourishment, comfort

Larimar- Blue/white- 8mm- Help for lymphatic system, pain and swelling

Citrine- Yellow - 8mm- Recovery from chemotherapy, boost energy, detoxification

Clear Quartz- 8mm- boosts healing properties of surrounding stones. Amplifier.

Selenite- Clear - 8mm- Cleansing and purifying. Heals the auric field.

Rose Quartz- 8mm- Healing, Most important crystal of the heart.

Dream Amethyst- Lavender - 8mm - Boost Immune system, anti-inflammatory, Stress Relief

Charoite- Purple- 8mm - Transforms negative energy, reduces achiness, pain, cramps, insomnia. Helps liver.

Africian Bloodstone- 8mm- Blood circulation, detoxify body

Smoky Quartz- 8mm - Dissolves negative emotion, release fear, reduce depression, best stone for detoxification

Snowflake Obsidian- Black/white - 6mm - Helps to heal damaged cells

Nephrite Jade- Green- 6mm - 'King of All Health' support- especially kidneys

Malachite-Green - 6mm- Regenerative stone, removes energy blockages, 

Peridot- Lt. Green - 4mm- Helps to reduce dependency upon pain mediation after surgery

Citrine- Pale Yellow - 4mm- Raises energy, lifts spirits

Amber- Yellow - 4mm- Assists with rejuvenation of body, cells

Hematite-Twisted Cube - 4x7mm - Stimulates the absorption of iron in red blood cells.

Silver Spacer- 925 Sterling Silver 

The silver used is real, genuine 925 Sterling Silver (SS 925), on an Elastic Band.  Each measures approximately 12-15cm (4.5-6in).

The stones used are authentic and natural from countries all over the Earth. Each are carefully chosen for uniqueness and energy properties.

Your After Surgery Holistic Helper will be custom handmade by a Certified Reiki Practitioner.  It will be Cleansed, Earth Grounded, and Meditation Charged.  Your new helper will arrive in a delightful mesh jewelry bag, along with a description of the Metaphysical properties of the stones. (Ready for gift giving!)

My Holistic Helpers are customizable! Just let us know. We tailor to specific gender, birthdates, astrological signs, etc.  Let us know your requirements.

Silver and copper are the preferred metals for the uninterrupted flow of holistic energy.

Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.