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Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet
Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet
Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet
Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet
Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet
Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet
Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet

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Ladies Diabetic Holistic Crystal Bracelet

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Pre- Diabetics, and Diabetics are under pressure from negative energies all around.  This bracelet is specifically targeted to aid and balance insulin levels, assist blood circulation, support and improve kidney function, aid the liver and pancreas, and to assist the emotional balance of the wearer.

~~ Natural Crystals ~~

Description: Faceted Citrine, Faceted Peridot, Sunset Sodalite, Amber, Red Garnet, Amethyst, Charoite, Blue Apatite, Green Jade, Malachite, Green Aventurine, Shungite (L), Africian Blood Stone (R), Red Jasper (L), Petrified Wood (R), Hematite, Blue Chalcedony.

Commonly believed holistic properties:

Citrine- Natural Citrine enhances physical stamina and energy, supports the endocrine system, and encourages proper metabolism. Aids the function of the pancreas.

Peridot- Peridot assists in balancing the endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands, which govern the health of the physical body, and acts as a tonic to liven the entire system making it healthier, stronger and more radiant.

Sodalite- The healing properties of sodalite are believed to improve balance in metabolism, reduce calcium deficiency, improve the immune system and facilitate cleansing in organs and the lymphatic system. Know to assist weight loss.

Amber- Helps to overcome fatigue, minimize anxiety. Stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to rebalance and heal itself. Aids inflammation, pain, and endocrine system. Draws physical illness out of the spleen, liver, and other organs of the stomach area. Enhances tissue revitalization, and shifts energy to the endocrine system.

Garnet- Garnet regenerates the body, stimulating metabolism. It assists assimilation of minerals and vitamins, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins A, D, and E.

Amethyst- Amethyst boosts the production of hormones and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands to optimum performance.

Charoite- Assists in regulating blood pressure, heart issues, cramps, eye problems, liver issues – including assistance in the detoxification of the liver due to those who take many medications.

Quantum Quattro- (Dioptase Chrysocola Malachite Shattuckite)- Quantum Quattro is a rare crystal that comes from Namibia. It is composed of five powerful, copper based minerals Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smoky Quartz, and Malachite. These minerals alone are powerful , but combined these crystals pack one powerful, vibrational healing punch. Its blue green rays radiate healing energy that align all of your chakras. It surrounds your aura and body with emotional and physical, protective vibrations. The frequency of Quantum Quattro connects to the earth star, heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Dioptase natural crystals increase the energy in the body, and dissolve blockages that may be holding you back, bringing serenity and well-being. Your spiritual visionary ability is aided by their energy, and will balance your yin-yang energy. Very powerful for diabetics- aiding the production of Insulin and helping the pancreas.

Blue Apatite- It helps people with high blood pressure to lower their blood pressure to normal levels by improving their blood pressure. It also helps suppress the feeling of hunger.  Aids in weight loss.  Reduce the fatigue and stress of people. The apatite stone gives positive energy by increasing the desire to work.

Green Jade- Believed to boost the functions of the heart, kidneys, as well as the nervous and immune systems.  This stone can also protect the thyroid, thymus, spleen, larynx, liver, and kidneys. Support stone for diabetics.

Malachite- It clears and activates all Chakras and is especially helpful in the stimulation of the Heart and Throat Chakras.  Malachite is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body.

Green Aventurine- Green Aventurine is particularly supportive of the heart, and is excellent for those with cardiac conditions, circulatory problems, or recovering from surgery or illness. It stimulates life-giving energy throughout the body and engenders activity and movement while assisting in physical regeneration.

Shungite- Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, reduce pain and stress, protection against electrosmog. Balances telluric energies, induces recovery and speeds up the process of healing, absorbs negative energies, increases spiritual growth. 

Africian Blood Stone- Bloodstone may be used to boost the immune system and to purify the blood, spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, and intestines, neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. Supportive of diabetics.

Red Jasper- Red Jasper’s healing energy works slowly and steadily to help with overall healing. Because of this, it is invaluable to have nearby when dealing with a prolonged illness. It can stabilize the circulatory system and help leverage blood disorders such as anemia. It is even believed that Red Jasper can stall wounds.

Petrified Wood- Petrified wood may be helpful for balance as it aligns the feet and creates an even gait when walking. Petrified wood is a good healing support and provides balancing energy for the liver and gallbladder.

Hematite- Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. The iron content in magnetic hematite will aid blood pressure disorders and kidney problems.  It is said to be effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells.

Blue Chalcedony- Blue Chalcedony encourages the flow of fluids within the body and reduces edema. Considered a nurturing stone, Chalcedony absorbs negative energy and dissipates it before it can be passed on. It improves glucose assimilation into the cells and restrains its build-up in the bloodstream.  Fights the fatigue associated with diabetes.

925 Silver Charm- Silver is the preferred metal for the uninterrupted flow of holistic energy.

Elastic Band

Your new bracelet will be handmade by a Certified Reiki Advanced Practitioner. It will be Cleansed, Earth Grounded, and Meditation Charged according to time-honored tradition.

The bracelet will arrive in gift wrapped in tissue in a jeweler's presentation: on a card, in protective wrap, in a velvety jeweler's Red and Gold pouch, along with a description of the Metaphysical properties of the stones. Included will be instructions for care and recharging of the crystals. (Ready for Gift Giving!)

Please measure where you want to wear your bracelet. ADD 1/4 to 1/2 inch for comfort. Order this number.

I want you to be THRILLED with your new jewelry.

Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.