Boys Teenager Bracelet
Boys Teenager Bracelet
Boys Teenager Bracelet
Boys Teenager Bracelet

Boys Teenager Bracelet

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For boys who struggle with their moods, appropriate behavior, and have difficulty handling their emotions.  Who are impulsive when reacting to anger or social situations. 

~ I created this bracelet for those parents who get 'that' weekly phone call from school regarding their child's behavior on the bus or in class. ~Alexandra

 Commonly Believed Holistic Properties _____________________________

  • Shungite- 6mm (Center)- EMF protection (cell phones, etc.), negative energy protection
  • Sugilite- 6mm (left) - Boosts confidence, eases social situations
  • Charoite- 6mm (right) - Endurance in adversity, provides comfort
  • Amethyst- 4mm - Eases mental anxiety, calms those with 'hot' tempers
  • Rose Quartz- 4mm - Reduces emotional wounds, fears, resentments
  • White Beryl- 4mm - Helps with nervousness, emotional outbursts
  • Amber- 4mm - Strengthens willpower for those with depression, SAD
  • Blue Agate- 4mm - Support for those who fear speaking in public
  • Lapis Lazuli- 4mm - Quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace
  • Black Obsidian- 4mm - eliminates negative energies within the self and one’s environment
  • Black Lava- 4mm - Grounding, calming, dissipates anger
  • Sardonyx- 4mm - Improves your self-control, supports discipline, willpower
  • Black Spinel- Positive influence on mood, mental rejuvenation,
  • Elastic Band-

Handcrafted by a Certified Reiki Practitioner.  Each bracelet will be made in the Reiki tradition:  salt cleansing, Earth grounding, and meditation charging.

Silver and copper are the preferred metals for the flow of holistic energy.

To learn more about these stone properties, click <here>

Handmade with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.